Apr 21, 2011

'Lost' film CLEOPATRA (1917) found in Coney Island.

Coney Island? Cleopatra was REALLY lost, eh.

New fragment of legendary 'lost' film CLEOPATRA (1917) found in Coney Island.

The hosts (Jack Garcia & Rev. Hal Shaw) of the popular alternative media program God Rock Radio stumbled across the historical clip at a local book exchange on a mislabeled video tape.

Unlike the 30 second fragment shown on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES this newly unearthed footage featuresfluid camera movement and classic silent screen pantomime acting. Theda Bara was the screen's first sex symbol and made over 40 films, sadly only 2 complete features are known to exist.

"We contacted over a dozen film archives" said Writer/Director Jack Garcia,"but they didn't bother to return our phone calls or e-mails. I don't think they believed us, so we decided to make it available to the public".


A popular Angerian image.