Feb 6, 2011

Rediscovery: Grimm finds earliest known use of "orphan film" (1949!)

FROM: Buckey Grimm
February 6, 2011

Found this poking around instead of doing stuff I should be doing:
Many filmers take these orphan film scenes and make them up into a sort of newsreel or oddity film. You might name yours "Cook's Oddities of 1949," if your name were mine and you had enough footage to make up a reel for that year. 

         Color Movie Making for Everybody by Canfield Cook, 1949
Dan Streible to Buckey Grimm
You win the research prize (again), this time for earliest known mention of the term "orphan film," nosing out Rick Prelinger and Alex Thimons' rediscovery of an ad in Industrial Marketing  (Oct. 1950), below.

 Here's to color movie / found footage making for everybody!