Nov 20, 2010

DOC NYC Festival of Storytelling: Orphans of NYC

DOC NYC | Orphan Film Symposium  |  IFC Center
November 7, 2010  | 4pm

Orphans  of  NYC

Prelude:  [Ramona & Jose Torres wedding film]  (1961)  silent, 14’
Source:  Anthology Film Archives; the Torres family (BluRay by Colorlab)
            lost film found, reunited with owners

Progress Indeed (2010, Russell Sheaffer and Jim Bittl)  1’  
Source:  NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Dept. of Cinema Studies
            trailer for the 7th Orphan Film Symposium

Grandfather (2008, James Kinder) 3’
Source:  James Kinder (Portland, OR)
            a student film from the New School, found-footage, direct animation

NYC Street Scenes and Noises (1929, Fox Movietone News) 4’
Source:  University of South Carolina, Moving Image Research Collections (Cinetech)
            early synchronous sound recording, from nitrate original, never-released outtakes

[Wallace Kelly’s New York] (1930) silent, 6’  introduced by Martha Kelly
Source:  Library of Congress, Center for Home Movies Collection (Colorlab)
            home movies, amateur film, experimental

[John Shaw Billings’ New York] (1940-49) silent, 10’
Source:  University of South Carolina, Moving Image Research Collections
            amateur film, home movies, Kodachrome

11 thru 12 (1977, Andrea Callard) 11’ introduced by Andrea Callard
Source:  NYU Fales Library & Special Collections (BB Optics and Colorlab)
            Super 8 sound, experimental, artist’s film

Sunday (1961, Dan Drasin) 35mm, 17’ 
Source:  NYU Film Study Center; UCLA Film and Television Archive; the Film Foundation
            teenage filmmaker’s independent documentary, copyright limbo

People’s Congressman (1948, Union Films) 12’ introduced by Charles Musser
Source:   NYU Tamiment Library (video transfer by
            rediscovered, campaign film, advertisement, blacklisted

French Lunch (1967, Nell Cox) 15’ introduced by Nell Cox
Source:  Nell Cox (New York, NY)
            independent documentary, not yet preserved